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Integration Tests using new Swagger Client API ("Fineract SDK")



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      Thanks to the progress in FINERACT-1189, I think we're closer than we have ever been to do something I have dreamt of for a long time... basically what we were discussing back in the comments of FINERACT-838, copy/paste:

      (...) include sample code in the repo building against the generated client libraries to test and illustrate their usage. (...) it's still not really "tested" at all, of course. We don't know if the generated code is a working client. (...) In an ideal world, we should have some sort of fineract-client-demo as a small separate project in the git root directory (of Apache Fineract core, not separately/outside!) which depends on fineract-client, and invokes at least some of the generated APIs. This IMHO should always be run, e.g. on Travis CI. We would of course need a "back-end server" - the easiest would probably be to run this against the local server we're anyway starting for integrationTest, in a separate new Gradle task with the appropriate dependencies?

      Thinking about this again with 2 months distance since writing above, what we probably REALLY should do, I don't know if instead of or in addition to a separate small new fineract-client-demo, is have (all?) of our ITs (in integrationTest) use the Swagger Client, instead of all those weird hand hard-coded *Utils and *Helper classes with RestAssured - that would be so much nicer!

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