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SDK Swagger Client Java API methods returning Rx Observable are not intuitive for Java developers

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    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 1.5.0
    • Component/s: SDK
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      I am, for the first time, attempting to fool around with our shiny new SDK Client Java API, for FINERACT-1209.

      I've noticed that we have configured all the service methods to returned Rx Observable. I'm aware of what that is, and perhaps I'm just too old and grumpy, but I'm not sure I like that... and am concerned that average Joe Java develpers using this SDK may get confused by it.

      Isn't the reality that in many many typical usages folks would just always do .blockingSingle() anyway? And even if we went all-in reactive in our SDK... A REST API call doesn't really return a Stream - so the API as-is doesn't seem natural, to me.

      Should we go mad and build and publish SEVERAL Fineract SDK Swagger Client Java API libraries? io.reactivex for anyone smoking that, good ol' plain simple non-reactive, modern Java 11, older Java 6, 7 AND 8 (Android?)... the more the merrier?!

      Aleksandar Vidakovic Chinmay Kulkarni Petri Tuomola Manthan Surkar


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