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Read HFile's block to ByteBuffer directly instead of to byte for reducing young gc purpose


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      In HFileBlock#readBlockDataInternal, we have the following:

      protected HFileBlock readBlockDataInternal(FSDataInputStream is, long offset,
          long onDiskSizeWithHeaderL, boolean pread, boolean verifyChecksum, boolean updateMetrics)
       throws IOException {
       // .....
        // TODO: Make this ByteBuffer-based. Will make it easier to go to HDFS with BBPool (offheap).
        byte [] onDiskBlock = new byte[onDiskSizeWithHeader + hdrSize];
        int nextBlockOnDiskSize = readAtOffset(is, onDiskBlock, preReadHeaderSize,
            onDiskSizeWithHeader - preReadHeaderSize, true, offset + preReadHeaderSize, pread);
        if (headerBuf != null) {
              // ...
        // ...

      In the read path, we still read the block from hfile to on-heap byte[], then copy the on-heap byte[] to offheap bucket cache asynchronously, and in my 100% get performance test, I also observed some frequent young gc, The largest memory footprint in the young gen should be the on-heap block byte[].

      In fact, we can read HFile's block to ByteBuffer directly instead of to byte[] for reducing young gc purpose. we did not implement this before, because no ByteBuffer reading interface in the older HDFS client, but 2.7+ has supported this now, so we can fix this now. I think.

      Will provide an patch and some perf-comparison for this.


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