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4.0 quality testing: metrics



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      The goal of this ticket is to have a proper testing of the different metrics exposed via JMX, and to ensure that metrics that are not in used in 4.0 have been properly deprecated.

      The following table show the current status of the metric tests and can be used to track the progress of that ticket:

      Metrics Status test types JIRA tickets
      Batch COVERED unit tests CASSANDRA-15718
      BufferPool COVERED unit tests CASSANDRA-15773
      Cache COVERED unit tests CASSANDRA-15788
      Client TESTS MISSING unit tests CASSANDRA-16216
      ClientRequest COVERED in-jvm tests CASSANDRA-16183
      ClientRequestSize COVERED unit tests CASSANDRA-16184
      Cache COVERED unit tests CASSANDRA-15788
      CommitLog TESTS MISSING unit tests CASSANDRA-16185
      Compaction TESTS MISSING unit tests CASSANDRA-16192
      CQL COVERED unit tests  
      HintService NO TESTS dtests CASSANDRA-16189
      Messaging/Internode NO TESTS in-jvm dtests CASSANDRA-16193
      ReadRepair TESTS MISSING dtests,in-jvm dtests CASSANDRA-16187
      Repair COVERED in-jvm dtests CASSANDRA-16191
      Storage COVERED unit tests  
      Streaming NO TESTS dtests CASSANDRA-16190
      Keyspace TESTS MISSING unit tests/in-jvm dtests CASSANDRA-16188
      Table TESTS MISSING unit tests/in-jvm dtests CASSANDRA-16188
      ThreadPoolMetrics COVERED unit tests CASSANDRA-16186


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