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server-side config which 'broadcasts' to clients



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      I've tried finding this issue, and issues 1002, 1233 and 1813 come close-ish,
      but they are not what I am looking for.
      I am using a SVN repository with Apache httpd for a java project. The project
      directory has all kinds of files in it: java source, pdf files, word docs, excel
      files, etc. I would like these files to have the correct svn:mime-type property
      when I (or my coworkers) add a file. Setting the mime type is great in
      combination with Apache and browser access. The usual way to do this is through
      the auto-props feature on the _client side_. This has turned out to be a pain to
      work with.
      First, I (as SVN repository admin) have no way to enforce "good use" with a
      "cvswrappers" type of file. We needed to make a separate .reg file for the
      autoprops settings, keep that under version control, and make sure that
      everybody merged this when they started working on the project, on a new
      machine, or when Windows had been reinstalled (oh yes that happens sometimes
      :)., etc.
      Second, the client config settings are not per repository. I have a case where
      in one repository the HTML files are docs and should be text/html, and another
      repository where they are source and they should be text/plain... no can do with
      a global client config...

      Original issue reported by beaumose


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