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NetCDF to ISO 19115:2014 mapping



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      The org.org.apache.sis.storage.netcdf.AttributeNames class defines a mapping from NetCDF attributes to ISO 19115:2003 metadata. This mapping is defined by the following file:

      However as of June 2017, this file seems to have been defined for a mapping to the 2003 version of ISO 19115. A mapping to the ISO 19115 revision published in 2014 could make some difference. This task enumerate some possible changes. Ideally, those changes should be submitted to the UCAR community. Whether Apache SIS should apply them on its own or not is an open question.

      ACDD history attribute

      The NetCDF history attribute is documented as "Provides an audit trail for modifications to the original data". It is currently indirectly mapped to data quality information, which is defined in ISO 19115 as "overall assessment of quality of a resource(s)":

      Metadata.dataQualityInfo.lineage.statement = $history
      Metadata.dataQualityInfo.scope.level = dataset

      Since ISO 19115:2014, we could use the following instead. Documentation said "Information about the provenance, sources and/or the production processes applied to the resource", which seems more appropriate:

      Metadata.resourceLineage.statement = $history


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