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Collect and backport lucene based suggestion improvements done in 1.4 into 1.2 branch



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      Here's a list of improvements done for lucene based suggestions that were done for 1.4:

      1. OAK-2754: Use non unique PathCursor in LucenePropertyIndex (trunk@1682488, 1.2@1738061)
      2. OAK-3230: Query engine should support virtual index rows (trunk@1697896, 1.2@1738062)
      3. OAK-3156: Allows suggestions to work on non-nt:base (trunk@1708307, 1.2@1738063)
      4. OAK-3509: Returns suggesion result per row (while this isn't really required, but it'd make other backports rather simple) (trunk@1715716, 1.2@1738066)
      5. OAK-3149: Uses one suggest dictionary per index definition. Useful when there are multiple indices supporting suggestions (trunk@1716100, 1.2@1738068)
      6. OAK-3407: Allows to have single work suggestions instead of phrases (trunk@1716588, trunk@1716589, trunk@1717203, 1.2@1738069)
      7. OAK-3692: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/lucene/index/sorter/Sorter$DocComparator (trunk@1717410, 1.2@1738070)
      8. OAK-3838: Fixes issues of picking up a competing-non-suggest-capable index incorrectly to provide suggestions (trunk@1723565, 1.2@1738073)
      9. OAK-3825: Including Resource name to suggestions (trunk@1725941, 1.2@1738074)
      10. OAK-2477: Namespaced global configs for suggestions (trunk@1726237, 1.2@1738075, 1.2@1738085)
      11. OAK-3994: Simple query on suggestion/spellcheck with unambiguous index def and one descendant clause should work (trunk@1729505, trunk@1729599, 1.2@1738076)
      12. OAK-4009: Search done via Lucene index might return duplicate results (trunk@1729957, 1.2@1738077)
      13. OAK-4070: Refactor LuceneIndexEditorContext to allow for switchable clock for testing (trunk@1732647, 1.2@1738078)
      14. OAK-4059: Tests in oak-lucene do not shut down repository (trunk@1732268, 1.2@1738078)
      15. OAK-4068: Align default value of suggestUpdateFrequencyMinutes to match documented 10 minutes (trunk@1732648, trunk@1732864, 1.2@1738078)
      16. OAK-4126: Suggestion and spellcheck queries throw exception if result contain lucene query character (trunk@1735052, trunk@1736176, 1.2@1738079, 1.2@1738080)

      We'd also need to update docs (updated in r1738087)

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