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Make TokenStream Reuse Mandatory for Analyzers


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      In LUCENE-2309 it became clear that we'd benefit a lot from Analyzer having to return reusable TokenStreams. This is a big chunk of work, but its time to bite the bullet.

      I plan to attack this in the following way:

      • Collapse the logic of ReusableAnalyzerBase into Analyzer
      • Add a ReuseStrategy abstraction to Analyzer which controls whether the TokenStreamComponents are reused globally (as they are today) or per-field.
      • Convert all Analyzers over to using TokenStreamComponents. I've already seen that some of the TokenStreams created in tests need some work to be reusable (even if they aren't reused).
      • Remove Analyzer.reusableTokenStream and convert everything over to using .tokenStream (which will now be returning reusable TokenStreams).


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