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Fully decouple IndexWriter from analyzers


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      IndexWriter only needs an AttributeSource to do indexing.

      Yet, today, it interacts with Field instances, holds a private
      analyzers, invokes analyzer.reusableTokenStream, has to deal with a
      wide variety (it's not analyzed; it is analyzed but it's a Reader,
      String; it's pre-analyzed).

      I'd like to have IW only interact with attr sources that already
      arrived with the fields. This would be a powerful decoupling – it
      means others are free to make their own attr sources.

      They need not even use any of Lucene's analysis impls; eg they can
      integrate to other things like OpenPipeline.
      Or make something completely custom.

      LUCENE-2302 is already a big step towards this: it makes IW agnostic
      about which attr is "the term", and only requires that it provide a
      BytesRef (for flex).

      Then I think LUCENE-2308 would get us most of the remaining way – ie, if the
      FieldType knows the analyzer to use, then we could simply create a
      getAttrSource() method (say) on it and move all the logic IW has today
      onto there. (We'd still need existing IW code for back-compat).


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