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Mentoring Project for Derby Test and Fix for Jayaram Subramanian



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      This mentoring assignment will include test conversions to JUnit and sysinfo improvements. Details are attached below

      Apache Project of interest: APACHE DERBY

      Benefits to Derby Community
      Getting test cases converted to Junit will help to get rid of maintaining old test cases.

      Name of the mentor: Katherine Marsden

      Expected Deliverables:
      Ramp up (3 weeks)
      Do tutorial. Set up build, test, debug environment. 2) Read up on JUnit testing, review existing conversions.

      JUnit conversions (4 weeks)
      3) Convert autoincrement.sql to JUnit. This should be a good straight
      forward starter. I think we need a Jira for this one.
      4) DERBY-4114. Convert selectivity.sql This was an old test that was
      contributed but has old Cloudscape syntax, so will require some
      thought to convert to use Derby syntax.
      5) DERBY-4249. Create a simple store recovery test in JUnit. This
      will provide a framework for converting store tests.

      Sysinfo improvements ( 5 weeks)
      These will improve supportability of DERBY significantly.
      6) DERBY-4441 - Change sysinfo to print out more specific JVM information.
      7) DERBY-1272 - log sysinfo to derby.log. Need to to nail down
      behavior with community and deal with possible security manager

      Duration: Total of 12 weeks with 6 hrs/ week

      Expected Starting Date: Jan 4, 2010

      Skills and Reason for undertaking this project
      The objective of taking up this project is to apply my 2 years of a java skills contributing to derby community and get involved in higher level of Java

      My recent works in Java/J2EE involved
      1) Development of java swing component in JEDIT beanshell environment
      2)Migration of .Net webservices to J2EE Websphere platform
      3)integration of legacy system with TIBCO EMS server.

      Overall I have 10 years of IT experience with 8 years of experience in COM, XML, XSL, SQL Server 2000(with expertise in stored procedures, views,performance tuning,indexing skills). This project aptly provides me to contribute and get involved and explore more avenues for developing SQL skills in Java world.




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