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Create a simple store recovery test in JUnit


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      It would be good to be able to start converting the store recovery tests or at least be able to write new recovery tests in JUnit. We could start by writing a simple recovery test just to establish the framework. The test should.

      • Connect, create a table, commit and shutdown the database.
      • fork a jvm, add one row, commit, add another row, exit the jvm.
      • Reconnect with the first jvm and verify that the first row is there and the second is not.

      I guess the main thing to decide is how to spawn the second jvm and check results. I tend to think the second jvm should actually execute another JUnit test, verify the exit code (assuming a failed test has a non-zero exit code) and then put the output in the fail assertion if it fails so it shows up in the report at the end of the Suite execution. I think we could create a test runner that takes a class and a specific test to run instead of the whole suite, so we could keep our methods consolidated in a single class for the test, but all pure conjecture at this point. I'll have to give it a try, but wanted to first see if folks thought this was a reasonable approach.

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