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NodeHealthScriptRunner timeout checking is inaccurate on Windows



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    • 2.1.0-beta, 3.0.0-alpha1
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      In NodeHealthScriptRunner method, we will set HealthChecker status based on the Shell execution results. Some status are based on the exception thrown during the Shell script execution.

      Currently, we will catch a non-ExitCodeException from ShellCommandExecutor, and if Shell has the timeout status set at the same time, we will also set HealthChecker status to timeout.

      We have following execution sequence in Shell:
      1) In main thread, schedule a delayed timer task that will kill the original process upon timeout.
      2) In main thread, open a buffered reader and feed in the process's standard input stream.
      3) When timeout happens, the timer task will call Process#destroy()
      to kill the main process.

      On Linux, when timeout happened and process killed, the buffered reader will thrown an IOException with message: "Stream closed" in main thread.

      On Windows, we don't have the IOException. Only "-1" was returned from the reader that indicates the buffer is finished. As a result, the timeout status is not set on Windows, and TestNodeHealthService fails on Windows because of this.


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