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[ATSv2] Can't retrieve more than 1000 versions of metrics in time series



      It is observed that, even though metricslimit is set to 1500, maximum number of metrics values retrieved is 1000.

      This is due to, while creating EntityTable, metrics column family max version is specified as 1000 which is hardcoded in EntityTable#DEFAULT_METRICS_MAX_VERSIONS. So, HBase will return max version with following MIN(cf max version , user provided max version).

      This behavior is contradicting the documentation which claims that

      metricslimit - If specified, defines the number of metrics to return. Considered only if fields contains METRICS/ALL or metricstoretrieve is specified. Ignored otherwise. The maximum possible value for metricslimit can be maximum value of Integer. If it is not specified or has a value less than 1, and metrics have to be retrieved, then metricslimit will be considered as 1 i.e. latest single value of metric(s) will be returned.


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