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[Umbrella] Simplified discovery of services via DNS mechanisms



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      A DNS server backed by yarn service registry is implemented to enable service discovery on YARN using standard DNS lookup.


      [See overview doc at YARN-4692, copying the sub-section ( to track all related efforts.]

      In addition to completing the present story of service­-registry (YARN-913), we also need to simplify the access to the registry entries. The existing read mechanisms of the YARN Service Registry are currently limited to a registry specific (java) API and a REST interface. In practice, this makes it very difficult for wiring up existing clients and services. For e.g, dynamic configuration of dependent end­points of a service is not easy to implement using the present registry­-read mechanisms, without code-changes to existing services.

      A good solution to this is to expose the registry information through a more generic and widely used discovery mechanism: DNS. Service Discovery via DNS uses the well-­known DNS interfaces to browse the network for services. YARN-913 in fact talked about such a DNS based mechanism but left it as a future task. (Task) Having the registry information exposed via DNS simplifies the life of services.


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