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Ensure all completed containers are reported to the AMs across RM restart



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    • Fix Version/s: 2.6.0
    • Component/s: resourcemanager
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      Currently the NM informs the RM about completed containers and then removes those containers from the RM notification list. The RM passes on that completed container information to the AM and the AM pulls this data. If the RM dies before the AM pulls this data then the AM may not be able to get this information again. To fix this, NM should maintain a separate list of such completed container notifications sent to the RM. After the AM has pulled the containers from the RM then the RM will inform the NM about it and the NM can remove the completed container from the new list. Upon re-register with the RM (after RM restart) the NM should send the entire list of completed containers to the RM along with any other containers that completed while the RM was dead. This ensures that the RM can inform the AM's about all completed containers. Some container completions may be reported more than once since the AM may have pulled the container but the RM may die before notifying the NM about the pull.


        1. YARN-1372.prelim2.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        2. YARN-1372.prelim.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        3. YARN-1372.010.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        4. YARN-1372.009.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        5. YARN-1372.009.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        6. YARN-1372.008.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        7. YARN-1372.007.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        8. YARN-1372.006.patch
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        9. YARN-1372.005.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        10. YARN-1372.005.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        11. YARN-1372.004.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        12. YARN-1372.003.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        13. YARN-1372.002_RMHandlesCompletedApp.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        14. YARN-1372.002_RMHandlesCompletedApp.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        15. YARN-1372.002_NMHandlesCompletedApp.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        16. YARN-1372.001.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot
        17. YARN-1372.001.patch
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          Anubhav Dhoot

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