Pulling from the discussion on the struts2-users list:

      Struts2 maintains two different versions of ASM 5x for the Convention plugin and 3x for the rest of struts. A basic search of the codebase suggests that the only direct uses of ASM are via the ClassFinder class in Xwork and used by the Convention plugin. Based on this and, I wonder if it might make sense to:

      1. remove the direct dependency on ASM entirely for XWork and Struts2 in general
      2. move the ClassFinder class and direct dependencies the convention plugin and make them explicitly dependent on ASM 5x.
      3. Like other apps like Spring, repackage/embed ASM into it's own package tree so it can live with other versions of ASM.

      the core issue for us is that there are overlaps between ASM 5 and ASM 3, and become explicit when launching our app with the maven-jetty-plugin. Classes with the same name in both packages though they have different groupIds and thus cause exceptions in startup either due to (a) Missing Classes like EmptyVisitor or (b) incompatible classes. It's our hope that by removing this dual dependency, we can take advantage of Java8 features and also simplify dependency management in our pom.





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