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Current component info on CAS not reset



      uimaFIT tests re-use a single CAS which is stored in a thread-local variable and reset that CAS between unit tests. Apparently there was some change which causes the Sofa-mapping information - or more specifically the current component info from which that mapping is obtained - to not be reset anymore. The problem only appears when running all uimafit-core tests jointly in one JVM, e.g. from Eclipse.

      Initial hypothesis which proved to be wrong:

      There may be a bug that might be related to the UimaContextHolder not being cleaned up probably (probably in case of some kind of failure).

      The problem appears when running the uimafit-core tests in Eclipse. Here all tests run in the same JVM instance which allows "global" information like thread locals to be carried over between unit tests.

      Then running all tests and when the `ViewCreatorAnnotatorTest` runs before the `SimplePipelineTest`, then the deserialization of an XMI file fails because `_InitialView` is still mapped to `myView` in the UIMA context. Debugging yields that the UIMAContext in use for the SimplePipelineTest apparently still belongs to the `ViewCreatorAnnotatorTest` because the mQualifiedContextName is `/org.apache.uima.fit.component.ViewCreatorAnnotatorTest$SofaAwareAnnotator/`

      This hypothesis was wrong: checked it by verifying that UimaContextHolder.getContext() is null before and after each unit test.


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