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fix some miscompares between svn export and source-distribution




      It was noted in reviewing our release candidate that a diff between our source distribution and the export of the svn tag are somewhat different. Some of these are due to the source distribution copying things like licenses, disclaimers, readmes, etc., to the top level of the source distribution - so these are fine. Others are due to things we use in development, which are not used to build the distributions. (example: some build scripts like signEclipseUpdateSite, or the project uimaj-jet-expander - only used when changing the jcas gen templates and regenerating the corresponding java code, or the project uimaj-internal-tools - I think not currently used).

      Others are left-overs. For instance, the docs for the PearPackagingMavenPlugin - these were merged into the main tools doc; however the old docs are still in SVN (but are not put into the source distribution). I think I want to leave them there, because I think in the future we may be breaking out that project as a separately released item, and maybe adding to the maven tooling even...

      Finally, there are some things that should be fixed. For instance, the docbook tooling downloads the FOP version. but it also seems that we've checked into SVN some older levels of the FOP jar. These should be removed.

      Check the differences for uimaj, uima-as, and the Sandbox, and reduce the discrepancies.




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