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Lucas POM issues



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      Some issues to resolve for the Lucas POM

      1) it specifies in distributionManagement <url>scp://login.coling.uni-jena.de/var/lib/maven/coling</url>
      This looks like it might left over from its life elsewhere. I think the distributionManagement element should be deleted.

      2) factor out ant executions for copying standard stuff - done in parent

      3) There is a section of the POM specifying actions for the phase "site". We currently do not run a mvn site lifecycle as part of our build process, so I think this will never execute. Its purpose is to copy to the ${project.build.directory}/site/downloads the downloadable artifacts: the jar and the pear.

      I think we can leave this in as a comment reminding us in the future if we go to individually downloadable things from our main website, how we might want to do this.

      4) There is an execution in the Ant-run for building the pear directories that will be bound up with the pear. This adds

      • doc/ with a copy of the generated html and pdf from the docbook sources, Should these be included in the PEAR? They are already included in the binary distribution of the Sandbox.
      • doc/downloads with 2 files: the lucas.xsd, and a sample CasConsumer descriptor. Do these belong in the PEAR? They are already included in the src and binary distribution of the Sandbox
      • resources dir for the PEAR is populated with the contents of src/test/resources. This seems a bit unusual - why are the test resources being included in the PEAR?

      5) The PearPackagingMavenPlugin is setting a classpath that includes

      • $main_root/lib/cglib-nodep-2.1_3.jar - but this jar is not present. What is it? can this be deleted?
      • $main_root/lib/google-collect-snapshot-20080530.jar
      • $main_root/lib/log4j-1.2.14.jar
      • $main_root/lib/lucene-core-2.4.0.jar - needs updating to proper level
      • $main_root/lib/lucene-snowball-2.4.0.jar

      These need updating to proper level, which is no level since the level was stripped from the /lib


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