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Consolidate the Travis CI jobs where possible to put less stress on the Apache Foundation's allocation of CI build slaves

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      Based on INFRA-13477 it sounds like we need to start working on eliminating unnecessary build jobs of combining some of them. I emailed the dev mailing list but didn't hear back after 5 days, so I am proceeding with these changes:

      1. We don't need to run cross tests on both debian andon ubuntu, especially since we're using a dockerfile that's practically identical between the two; one derives from the other. I'd like to recommend removing build jobs #2 and #4 (debian) and keeping the ubuntu ones.
      2. Given we remove debian build jobs #2 and #4 above, we can keep #10 which is a Debian build job with cmake, and eliminate #9 which is the same as #10 but on Ubuntu. I think it is adqeuately covered in other jobs.
      3. We don't need to build the matrix of (boost threads, std threads)x(gcc,clang). Let's get rid of #12 which is boost threads with clang, and let's get rid of #15 which is std threads with gcc.
      4. Add missing compiler plug-in builds for autoconf and clang.


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