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      Apache Thrift needs better Centos support.

      Apache Thrift build and test has been missing solid Centos support. Getting the full Thrift platform to build on Centos is a rough road, largely because commits take place without testing on Centos.

      Kerry Kim, director of Linux markets for SuSE, in a January 2014 LinuxInsider story ranked enterprise Linux platforms: Red Hat (60 percent market share), SuSE (30 percent market share), Oracle (5 to 8 percent market share) and Ubuntu (less than 4 percent) http://www.linuxinsider.com/story/79717.html

      Testing with Centos provides the opportunity to catch additional defects in code, build and cross platform operation which aren't reported on Ubuntu alone. A particular concern that Centos will help trap is the addition of C+ + 11 code to the Thrift compiler and or C+ + 98 lib. A cpp11 lib is a necessary addition but we should keep the compiler and existing libs free of C+ + 11 so that they will build on LTS platforms.

      This Vagrantfile is a work in progress. It currently supports building the compiler and almost all of the language libraries.

      Adding Centos and a Windows vm to the CI process prior to v1.0 would be a significant cross platform uptick. With Ubuntu, Centos and Windows, Thrift would have the cross platform test base that it deserves.

      As a side note: We should either make sure commits pass CI or just turn off the CI everywhere so that we do not waste power, CPU cycles and email bandwidth. The CI BUILD FAILED emails are far too frequent.


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