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Implementation of Custom keywords




      Currently, Subversion provides a limited set of keywords:
      LastChangedRevision (Rev), LastChangedDate (Date), LastChangedBy
      (Author), HeadURL (URL), and Id.  These keywords are fine for many, if
      not most, purposes.  But many projects have more complex needs.  The
      BSD projects are good examples.  Rather than using the Id CVS keyword,
      they have patched CVS to allow a keyword named after the project
      (e.g. $FreeBSD$ for FreeBSD).
      This keyword looks like Id, but has multiple advantages.  When
      importing files from another repository, you can use the -ko option to
      turn off keyword expansion.  Unfortunately, that's an either/or.  What
      you really want is to expand your own keyword but not the other
      project's.  Project-named keywords solve this problem.  It is easy to
      tell what revision of the file each project has.
      For example, looking at
      we see:
      .\" $NetBSD: atrun.8,v 1.10 2000/11/07 06:43:25 lukem Exp $
      .\" $OpenBSD: atrun.8,v 1.4 1998/05/22 22:16:29 deraadt Exp $
      .\" $FreeBSD: atrun.man,v 1.3 1997/02/22 14:20:55 peter Exp $
      CVS has no support for this feature.  Each project that uses the
      feature has had to patch in the support themselves.  With Subversion,
      we can get it right and implement a generic solution.
      To do this, i propose the use of printf(3)-style format strings.
      Subversion will not support any keywords "natively".  Instead, it will
      come with a default set of keyword definitions in the default repo
      configuration file.  The default set of keyword definitions is:
      keyword Rev = "%r"
      keyword Date = "%d"
      keyword Author = "%a"
      keyword URL = "%u"
      keyword URLBaseName = "%b"      # (desperately needs a better name)
      keyword Id = "%b %r %d %a"
      The format characters are defined as follows:
      a   author of this revision
      b   last component of the URL of this file; think basename(3)
      d   date of this revision
      p   property value
      r   number of this revision
      u   URL of this file
      The 'p' character is special.  Its usage resembles a C or Perl
      function call that takes one argument, the name of a property.  For
      example, given this keyword definition:
      keyword MimeType = "%p(svn:mime-type)"
      and a file with the properties svn:mime-type 'text/html' and
      svn:keywords 'MimeType', the keywords expands like this:
      $MimeType: text/html $
      Not the most useful thing in the world.  For a better example, imagine
      an auto-builder which checks out various branches of a project and
      sets a property on some file indicating the build status.  Then, given
      this keyword definition:
      keyword BuildStatus = "$u %p(foo:build-status)"
      we might see this:
      $BuildStatus: http://example.com/svn/branch1/STATUS success $
      $BuildStatus: http://example.com/svn/branch2/STATUS failure $
      Since this information is stored in the repository, a mechanism for
      the client to receive configuration data from the repository is
      necessary.  Describing such a mechanism is beyond the scope of this
      Note that all the examples given here are just that: examples.  It
      doesn't particularly matter what syntax is used, or how far off i am
      from svn config file syntax.
      Some messages on the dev list that may be of interest:
      Subject: Customizable Keywords
      Subject: 'stamping' a la RCS '$Header$'?

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