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Unable to redirect with aliased server name fronting request

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    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Cannot Reproduce
    • Affects Version/s: 1.1.1
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: Core
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    • Environment:
      IBM Server, Linux (Red Hut), Oracle Application Server, Eclipse 3.2 IDE
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      We are having a rare problem with a new application. This application use Struts 1.1 and Hibernate 3 over a OraclaeAS 10g ( The ApplicatiĆ³n works very well in the developer's OAS, but doesn't in the production's OAS ...it's supposed that both OAS use the same configuration.

      The problems occurss when the application need to do a ActionForward (redirect true), after a simple update/insert into the DB (with Hibernate). the flow is as follow:

      1).- The "show_Product.do" is launched and it goes well and show the Product.jsp (with the show part actived) .
      2).- The user press the "Update" buttom, then the "edit_Product.do" action is executed and the Product.jsp is showed (with the edit part actived).
      3).- The user modify the product info and press the "Update" buttom, then the "edit_Product.do" action is executed with the parameter "save" ..... then the action class do calls to "save" process of the ProductForm and the next ActionForward is configured to point to "show_Product.do" , afteer the commit to the DB the action es executed and "show_Product.do" show the Product.jsp with relevant changes included.

      All this normal aproach works very well in our developers environment IAS but doesn't in the produccion IAS. In the production environment the application comimited the changes but the last ActionForward (show_Product.do) is not executed and the browser show a "Error Page" related to the conecction problems, however the changes are commited correctly in the DB.

      The only diference between both IAS are that the developer environment use a host like: http://servername:7777/context/ while the production environment use: http://www.host.bla/context .... and internaly it's supposed to be pointing to 7778 port of the IAS server (where the app is installed). Both server can be reached through the intranet.

      The other diference (with no incidence I guess) is the production IAS is accesing a RAC Oracle DB 10g (2 instances) while the developer IAS is accesing a single Oracle DB 10g.

      Some body have a clue about what is happing on he producction IAS?

      I know that it looks like a Oracle AS problem, but we can't found any help nor support, and the worse is that we have not a error to walk around. We only get a Erorr page and no other information neither app log nor IAS log.

      Please if somebady had experiences with this type of issue, I will apreciate the help.


      Hayrol Reyes


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