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[taglib] html:form tag always prepends context path to action via getActionMappingURL



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      The getActionMappingURL method in FormTag.java always prepends the context to
      an action and makes pure relative URL references impossible. Therefore, a
      multi-tier architecture which maps "app-name.domain1.com/login.do"
      to "domain2.com/app-name/login.do" cannot work with Struts form tags.
      Why would you want to do such a thing, you ask? In some cases, it is
      considered more secure to restrict access to a back-end servlet container
      through a front-end web server via some sort of bridge. The bridge may further
      shield the back-end server by mapping an app-specific domain to the back end
      server's domain. That way access to applications can be managed on the
      network/firewall level in addition to container and application levels. The
      key to this strategy is avoiding absolute URL references.
      Always including the context path in the action attribute of the html:form tag
      makes such an architecture impossible without subclassing the off-the-shelf
      Struts 1.1b2 version of FormTag.java. Perhaps the prepending of the context
      could be optional depending on a boolean attribute of <html:form>,
      e.g., "<html:form action=/foo relative=true>". As an aside, as far as I can
      tell, it's not really necessary to include the context path since "foo.do" is
      resolved to "/app-name/foo.do" within the "app-name" context. What's the
      reason context is always pre-pended?


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