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Spell Checking Improvements



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      Creating a placeholder issue to track Spell Checking Improvements. Individual issues can later be created and linked for each area of separable concern when they are determined.

      Areas to discuss include:

      1. spell suggestions from within the current query (minus terms being corrected) and filter so that suggestions are always valid
        • need approaches to merging the spelling list with the current mask of valid records. Also, is this a better change to Lucene first, or something that belongs in Solr?
        • need to add spell checking as query component and make available to various query handlers
        • spell checking to be field specific to support responding correctly with dismax queries
      2. spell suggestions from a distributed search (SOLR-303) by augmenting the response, or alternatively just provide a federating of Spell Checker requests on their own and let the application decide when to use each.
      3. spell suggestions as a search component to augment other queries

      What are other typical areas of concern, or suggestions for improvements for spell checking that can be tracked?

      I am willing to look at driving a patch for this area, especially for spell checking working within the current result set, and across distributed search.


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