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UI: Convert all Collections api calls to async requests, add new features/buttons



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      We are having discussion on multiple jiras for requests for Collections apis from UI and how to improve them:

      SOLR-9818: Solr admin UI rapidly retries any request(s) if it loses connection with the server
      SOLR-10146: Admin UI: Button to delete a shard
      SOLR-10201: Add Collection "creates collection", "Connection to Solr lost", when replicationFactor>1

      Proposal =>

      Phase 1:

      Convert all Collections api calls to async requests and utilise REQUESTSTATUS to fetch the information. There will be performance hit, but the requests will be safe and sound. A progress bar will be added for request status.

      > submit the async request
      if (the initial call failed or there was no status to be found)
      { report an error and suggest the user look check their system before resubmitting the request. Bail out in this case, no retries, no attempt to drive on. }
      { put up a progress indicator while periodically checking the status, Continue spinning until we can report the final status. }

      Phase 2:

      Add new buttons/features to collections.html

      a) "Split" shard
      b) "Delete" shard
      c) "Backup" collection
      d) "Restore" collection

      Open to suggestions and feedbacks on this.


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