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Split sling-testing-tools and improve the http clients and junit tooling



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      The sling-testing-tools [0] has become a container for different small pieces of code that don't fit in the other projects under testing/ . What I have identified to be unrelated tools in there are:

      • jarexec + serversetup
      • http clients
      • some junit tooling

      We would like to also contribute some classes that improve the http and junit tooling. The changes are:

      The changes would be the following:

      • leave the tools/ (sling testing tools) untouched, with the idea to eventually deprecate it if the other modules fit the needs.
      • create a new module, called serversetup with the jarexec and serversetup packages copied from sling-testing-tools.
      • create module http/clients with some stuff like the WebconsoleClient copied from tools/ and a bunch of classes that replace the RequestExecutor and client with Threadsafe, well-tested and HttpClient-compatible http tooling.
      • create module junit/rules with junit tooling dependent on the clients which follow the more modern approach to junit rules rather than test base classes and provide ootb rules with clients, junit filtering, configuring references to available sling instances, etc. Both this and clients are designed with extendability in mind.
      • adapt the "testing/samples" tests to use the junit rules and clients

      Pull-request on github: https://github.com/apache/sling/pull/136


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