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Implement data quality (ISO 19157) in metadata package



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      Interfaces in the following packages were used to be defined in ISO 19115 standard published in 2003:

      • org.opengis.metadata.quality
      • org.apache.sis.metadata.iso.quality (as a consequence of above ….opengis.… interfaces)

      But in the revision published in 2014, most types about data quality have been removed from ISO 19115 and moved to another standard, ISO 19157. This standard upgraded the data quality model with new classes and properties, but those changes are not yet reflected in our Java API. We should update the ….quality packages with this new model, otherwise our upgrade to the new ISO 19115:2014 model is not complete.

      The fact that quality part is missing can be seen by looking at classes in the above-cited Apache SIS quality metadata package, for example AbstractElement, DefaultDataQuality and DefaultQuantitativeResult classes: all getter methods with the following annotation annotation are properties that were removed or moved elsewhere, but for which we have not yet determined the replacement. Those methods are not yet deprecated for that reason, but would be deprecated once this SIS-394 task is done.

      @XmlElement(…, namespace = LegacyNamespaces.GMD)
      public Foo getFoo() {…}


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