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Too aggressive simplification of some units of measurement



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      In the left column, some units used by the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO). In the right column, the result of parsing with Apache SIS. Some simplifications are too aggressive, in particular with dimensionless units like radians. Some issues were fixed in Apache SIS 1.0 but we keep this issue open because not all problems were resolved.

      Test case: org.apache.sis.measure.UnitFormatTest.testParseAndFormat().

      WMO units SIS 0.8 parsing SIS 0.8 SIS 1.0 SIS 1.1
      K m2 kg-1 s-1 K⋅m²∕(kg⋅s)
      m m6 m-3 m⁴
      Pa s-1 kg∕(m⋅s³)
      S m-1 A²⋅s³∕(kg⋅m³)
      kg kg-1 m s-1 m∕s
      m2/3 s-1 0.3333333333333333⋅m²∕s
      J kg-1 m²∕s²
      mol mol-1  
      mol s-1 mol∕s
      K s-1 K∕s
      m s-1 m∕s
      m s-2 m∕s²
      Pa m kg∕s²
      m3 s-1 m³∕s
      kg m-2 s-1 kg∕(m²⋅s)
      μg m-3 1.0E-9⋅kg∕m³
      K m-1 K∕m
      W m-2 kg∕s³
      N m-2 Pa
      (m2 s sr)-1 -1⋅m²⋅s
      kg m-2 kg∕m²
      kg m-3 kg∕m³
      K*m s-1 K⋅m∕s
      cm/day cm∕d
      m-2 s rad-1 s∕m²
      N m-2 s kg∕(m⋅s)
      kg kg-1 s-1 Hz
      K*m/s K⋅m∕s
      kg/kg*Pa/s kg∕(m⋅s³)
      kg/kg*m/s m∕s
      day d
      µg m-3 1.0E-9⋅kg∕m³
      Pa*Pa kg²∕(m²⋅s⁴)
      W m-2 Hz-1 kg∕s²
      W sr-1 m-2 kg∕s³
      N m-1 kg∕s²
      W m-1 sr-1 kg⋅m∕s³
      m-2 s-1 ∕(m²⋅s)
      ° °
      kg kg-1  
      s m-1 s∕m
      W m-3 sr-1 kg∕(m⋅s³)
      K*Pa/s K⋅kg∕(m⋅s³)
      m3 m-3  
      V m-1 kg⋅m∕(s³⋅A)
      m2 s-2 m²∕s²
      m2 s-1 m²∕s
      mol m-3 mol∕m³
      psu psu
      J m-2 kg∕s²
      kg-2 s-1 ∕(kg²⋅s)
      K*K K²
      kg m-3 s-1 kg∕(m³⋅s)
      m3 s-1 m-1 m²∕s
      (kg m-3) (m s-1) kg∕(m²⋅s)
      W m-2 nm-1 9.999999999999999E8⋅kg∕(m⋅s³)


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