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Umbrella jira for Pig on Tez Performance Improvements


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    • Fix Version/s: 0.16.0
    • Component/s: tez
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      Separating out performance improvements from PIG-3446 which is the main jira for Pig on Tez.

        Issue Links

        1. Improve performance of replicate-join Sub-task Open Unassigned
        Improve performance of union Sub-task Closed Rohini Palaniswamy
        3. Use unsorted shuffle in Orderby, Skewed Join to improve performance in Tez Sub-task Open Rohini Palaniswamy
        4. Use shared edge with no multiquery Sub-task Open Unassigned
        Implement automatic reducer parallelism Sub-task Closed Daniel Dai
        6. Sort avoidance for group by and join Sub-task Open Unassigned
        7. Dynamically switch to replicate join Sub-task Open Unassigned
        8. Integrate YSmart into Pig on tez Sub-task Open Unassigned
        9. Optimize join followed by order by using same key Sub-task Open Unassigned
        10. Simplify plan of Limit on Tez Sub-task Open Unassigned
        11. UnionOptimizer in Tez should optimize the case of replicated join Sub-task Open Unassigned
        Handle two outputs from split going to same input in MultiQueryOptimizer Sub-task Resolved Rohini Palaniswamy
        Improve parallelism of union and join Sub-task Resolved Rohini Palaniswamy
        Use unsorted shuffle in Union Sub-task Closed Rohini Palaniswamy
        15. Improve performance of Limit following an Orderby on Tez Sub-task Open Unassigned
        Limit reduce task should start as soon as one map task finishes Sub-task Closed Rohini Palaniswamy
        17. Broadcast the index file in case of POMergeCoGroup and POMergeJoin Sub-task Open Unassigned
        18. Rework Hash based aggregation for Tez Sub-task Open Unassigned
        1-1 edge vertices should use same jvm opts Sub-task Closed Rohini Palaniswamy
        20. Size estimation should be done in sampler instead of sample aggregator Sub-task Open Unassigned
        21. Enhance Tez AM size estimation Sub-task Open Unassigned
        Better multi-query planning in case of multiple edges Sub-task Resolved Rohini Palaniswamy
        23. Eliminate identity vertex for order by and skewed join right after LOAD Sub-task Open Unassigned


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          Fix Version/s 0.14.0 [ 12326954 ]
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          Fix Version/s 0.15.0 [ 12328760 ]


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