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PCEnhancer not processing multiple PU's defined within a single persistence.xml file


    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 1.1.0
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      From a discussion with Patrick on the dev mailing list...

      Me: According to the JPA spec, we can define multiple persistence-units in a single persistence.xml file. But, when I try to use this persistence.xml file as input to the PCEnhancer, it is only processing the first persistence-unit that is defined. I traced through the code and found that this is the case. When the persistence.xml file is processed, a "null" name is passed in for the desired persistence-unit (in the ConfigurationProviderImpl.load method) and, thus, only the first one defined is returned and used by the PCEnhancer.

      Patrick: IMO, the correct behavior should be:

      • PCEnhancer run with no arguments should load all the PUs in the
        classpath, find the OpenJPA (or unspecified) PUs, and run against all
        the classes defined by those PUs (including auto-scanning for PUs so
      • The developer should not need to specify META-INF/persistence.xml when
        invoking the PCEnhancer.
      • We may want to provide a means to specify specific PUs to process. For

      java ...PCEnhancer -p META-INF/persistence.xml#foo

      or maybe just

      java ...PCEnhancer -p #foo

      for shorthand.

      Regardless, the current behavior seems wrong, and it seems that the best
      initial change would be to make PCEnhancer load all the PUs (the first
      bullet above), which means manually loading the META-INF/persistence.xml
      resources and finding the ones that are OpenJPA PUs, rather than relying
      on the javax.persistence.Persistence helper method to load them.

      Writing this bug report so as not to lose track of this problem.




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