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Incorrect GREG_OFFSET offset or inconsistent usage in UUIDGenerator



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      In UUIDGenerator, GREG_OFFSET is defined as

      // offset to move from 1/1/1970, which is 0-time for Java, to gregorian
      // 0-time 10/15/1582, and multiplier to go from 100nsec to msec units
      private static final long GREG_OFFSET = 0x01b21dd213814000L;

      This constant is used as:

      // calculate time as current millis plus offset times 100 ns ticks
      long currentTime = (_currentMillis + GREG_OFFSET) * MILLI_MULT;

      Based of the usage, GREG_OFFSET should be in msec unit and this value should be

      (1970-1582) * 365.25 * 24 * 3600 * 1000 (ms) = 12,219,292,800,000 (ms) = 0xB1D 069B 5400 (ms)

      The defined constant value 0x1b21dd213814000L is the last value in 100ns unit not ms.

      This also offsets the currentTime calculation off by a factor of 10**4.

      To correct the discrepency, either:

      1) GREG_OFFSET should assign the value of 0xB1D 069B 5400L instead of 0x1b2 1dd2 1381 4000L, or
      2) long currentTime = (_currentMillis * MILLI_MULT ) + GREG_OFFSET ;

      Since UUID is an arbituary value, therefore I don't believe the current implementation is "incorrect" but just inconsistent in its implementation description.

      Please comment on if:
      1) the suggested change will have any undesirable side-effect for UUID
      2) there is any legacy/backward compatibility problem
      3) this is worth to change at all.

      If there is no objection, I'll correct the "problem" early next week.

      Albert Lee.


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