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criteria API "group by" creates SQL with a parameter for a literal but does not provide it's value



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      I have a query created using the criteria API where I group by an expression that contains a small calculation using literal values.

      OpenJPA generates the correct SQL but does not provide the value of the generated parameter in the group by clause. The query fails with a SQL exception similar to "The value is not set for the parameter number 9.".

      I can reproduce the issue with a minimal example (see attachment) where I create a person class with integer age and length columns and try to select the average length grouped by the person's age / 10.

      Whe running this query with trace and displaying parameters I get:

      1067 testPU TRACE [main] openjpa.Query - Executing query: Query: org.apache.openjpa.kernel.QueryImpl@be4f81; candidate class: class entities.Person; query: null
      1108 testPU TRACE [main] openjpa.jdbc.SQL - <t 5763249, conn 7326702> executing prepstmnt 26531336 SELECT AVG(t0.length) FROM Person t0 WHERE (t0.age > ?) GROUP BY (t0.age / ?) [params=(int) 20]

      You can clearly see that the query has two parameter placeholders but only one value is provided.

      As a workaround I can call setHint("openjpa.hint.UseLiteralInSQL", "true") on em.createQuery(query). (Which requires OpenJPA 2.4.0 when using boolean literals, see OPENJPA-2534.)


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