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Fix 2 test cases that cause failures on DB2 9.7


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.1.0
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      DB2 on Windows XP


      Testing on DB2 version 9.7 discovered 2 test case problems:

      TestSpec10_1_27 does a query with an order by of Company. It then checks the first return for a specific Division. The problem is that each Company has 2 Divisions. The expected return order is as follows:

      Div Company
      1 1
      2 1
      3 2
      4 2

      But, the first 2 could just as easily be (correctly according to the query):

      Div Company
      2 1
      1 1

      And, this actually happens often on DB2 9.7. So, changes need to be made to accept either.


      The second test case problem occurs with TestDetachRemove. When running the full test bucket, the following error occurred:

      Table "DB2ADMIN.EntityA" has a foreign key to table "ENTITYB" that has not been generated. You must run the schema generator on all inter-related
      tables at once.

      But, there's no reference to EntityB in this EntityA. So, I assume it's a table with the name EntityA already existing for another test case. The EntityA in this test case needs to have a unique name associated with it using the @Table statement.


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