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Details of an ArgumentException if SUBSTRING() IN (...) is used



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    • IBM WebSphere on Windows XP uses OpenJPA 1.2.3 in com.ibm.ws.jpa.jar


      Everything works fine with the following two statements

      SQL: select * from table where substr(field,2,1)='6';
      JPA: SELECT o FROM Table o WHERE SUBSTRING(o.field,2,1)='6'

      but not with these

      SQL: select * from table where substr(field,2,1) in ('6','7');
      JPA: SELECT o FROM Table o WHERE SUBSTRING(o.field,2,1) IN ('6','7')

      SQL works as expected but JPA throws an exception

      org.apache.openjpa.persistence.ArgumentException "SUBSTRING ( o . field , 2 , 1 ) IN" gefunden, erwartet wurde jedoch ["(", ")", "*", "+", ",", "-", ".", "/", ":", "<", "<=", "<>", "=", ">", ">=", "?", "ABS", "ALL", "AND", "ANY", "AS", "ASC", "AVG", "BETWEEN", "BOTH", "BY", "CONCAT", "COUNT", "CURRENT_DATE", "CURRENT_TIME", "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP", "DELETE", "DESC", "DISTINCT", "EMPTY", "ESCAPE", "EXISTS", "FETCH", "FROM", "GROUP", "HAVING", "IN", "INNER", "IS", "JOIN", "LEADING", "LEFT", "LENGTH", "LIKE", "LOCATE", "LOWER", "MAX", "MEMBER", "MIN", "MOD", "NEW", "NOT", "NULL", "OBJECT", "OF", "OR", "ORDER", "OUTER", "SELECT", "SET", "SIZE", "SOME", "SQRT", "SUBSTRING", "SUM", "TRAILING", "TRIM", "UPDATE", "UPPER", "WHERE", <BOOLEAN_LITERAL>, <DECIMAL_LITERAL>, <IDENTIFIER>, <INTEGER_LITERAL>, <STRING_LITERAL>].

      ejb-3_0-fr-spec-persistence.pdf "4.6.8 In Expressions" tells us

      in_expression ::= state_field_path_expression [NOT] IN ( in_item

      {, in_item}

      * | subquery)

      "state_field_path_expression" is defined at "4.4.4 Path Expressions".
      As far as I understand, the result of SUBSTRING() is maybe not a "state_field_path_expression" and therefore the exception is not a bug.
      But the error message could be improved. Because it tells us that IN is allowed in this case - see the list of allowed terms at the ArgumentException above.

      I would like to send a Query like "SELECT o FROM Table o WHERE SUBSTRING(o.field,2,1) IN ('6','7')" but if this is not allowed I would like to read an error message which guides me to the right direction.

      Thanks, Hannes




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