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Allow applications using OpenJPA 1.x to run with the JPA 2.0 jar on the classpath

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      OpenJPA 1.x does not support JPA 2.0, but there are runtime environments
      where applications using OpenJPA 1.x must run with the JPA 2.0 jar
      present in the classpath.

      Although JPA 2.0 is upwardly compatible with JPA 1.0, JPA 2.0 introduced
      some methods to existing JPA interfaces that conflict with existing
      signatures in OpenJPA interfaces. These conflicts arise because
      the OpenJPA interfaces extend the JPA interfaces that picked up the new

      To avoid the linkage errors that would result from no changes to
      OpenJPA, when applications using the offending methods run in such an
      environment, the two offending methods should be changed in the OpenJPA

      Applications deployed in such environments should be recompiled to avoid
      any possibility of using the old methods.

      The offending methods are

      public <T> T OpenJPAEntityManager.detach(T pc)
      public Properties OpenJPAEntityManagerFactory.getProperties()

      The proposed fixes are designed to make recompilation and correction of
      such applications as simple as possible. Such applications will compile
      with either the JPA 2.0 or JPA 1.0 jar, but they should be compiled with
      the JPA 1.0 jar to avoid mistakenly using interfaces or methods found
      only in JPA 2.0. Any such coding mistakes will result in linkage errors
      when the methods or interfaces are used at runtime.

      The proposed fixes:

      public <T> T OpenJPAEntityManager.detachCopy(T pc)
      public Map<String, Object) OpenJPAEntityManagerFactory.getProperties()

      public Properties OpenJPAEntityManagerFactory.getPropertiesAsProperties()

      The first two fixes follow the changes made in OpenJPA 2.x to address
      these same conflicts.

      The getPropertiesAsProperties method is provided as a convenience to
      application developers who do not want to accept the different return
      type of the redesigned getProperties method. However, the method
      getPropertiesAsProperties is not currently found in the OpenJPA 2.x

      It is estimated that a large proportion of OpenJPA 1.x enabled
      applications are using the old detach method and that a small proportion
      are using the old getProperties method.


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