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Additional trace to relate SQL pushdowns with entity action or JPQL query


    • Type: Improvement
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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.0-beta3
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      Additional trace can help users understand and relate query or entity actions with SQL pushdowns:
      1. why SQL pushdown has JOINs that are generated, a trace dumping out eager relations for the generated SQL is very helpful.
      2. a JPQL or a simple em.find() generated caused more than one SQL requests.
      3. entity instance actions (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) generated SQL

      1. JOIN is generated because of the eager relation 'entitya':
      4891 p1 TRACE [main] openjpa.Query - Executing query: select s from CascadeB s
      4906 p1 TRACE [main] openjpa.jdbc.Extra - Eager relations: [test.entities.CascadeB.entitya]
      5141 p1 TRACE [main] openjpa.jdbc.SQL - <t 26882784, conn 9493> executing prepstmnt 25862088 SELECT t0.id, t1.id, t1.name, t0.name FROM CascadeB t0 LEFT OUTER JOIN CascadeA t1 ON t0.ENTITYA_ID = t1.id

      2. flush for new instance of entity action:
      7250 p1 TRACE [main] openjpa.jdbc.Extra - flush: org.apache.openjpa.kernel.PNewState for oid=1
      7250 p1 TRACE [main] openjpa.jdbc.SQL -: INSERT INTO BasicA (age,id,name) VALUES (?,?,?) [1,1,name1]

      2: loading relation 'entitya':
      7734 p1 TRACE [main] openjpa.jdbc.Extra - load field: 'entitya' for oid=1 class test.entities.BasicB
      7734 p1 TRACE [main] openjpa.jdbc.Extra - find: oid=1 class test.entities.BasicA
      7734 p1 TRACE [main] openjpa.jdbc.Extra - getInitializeStateResult: oid=1 class test.entities.BasicA
      7969 pdq1 TRACE [main] openjpa.jdbc.SQL - <t 26882784, conn 3125250> executing prepstmnt 28008463 SELECT t0.name FROM BasicA t0 WHERE t0.id = ? optimize for 1 row [params=(int) 1]


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