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ConfigurationImpl.equals fails using a OpenJPA derived provider


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Closed
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: 2.0.0-beta2
    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.0-beta3
    • Component/s: lib
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      TestDynamicConfiguration.testConfigurationIsEqualByValueAndHashCode failed with configuration object equality
      using a OpenJPA derived provider.

      public void testConfigurationIsEqualByValueAndHashCode()

      { OpenJPAEntityManagerFactorySPI emf1 = createEMF(FRESH_EMF); assertNotNull(emf1); OpenJPAConfiguration conf1 = emf1.getConfiguration(); OpenJPAEntityManagerFactorySPI emf2 = createEMF(FRESH_EMF); assertNotNull(emf2); OpenJPAConfiguration conf2 = emf2.getConfiguration(); assertFalse(emf1==emf2); assertFalse(emf1.equals(emf2)); assertFalse(conf1==conf2); assertEquals(conf1, conf2); <<<< faild here assertEquals(conf1.hashCode(), conf2.hashCode()); assertEquals(conf1.toProperties(false), conf2.toProperties(false)); }

      The problem is in the equals() method of ConfigurationImpl:

      public boolean equals(Object other) {
      for(Value v : _vals) {
      Value thatV = conf.getValue(propName);
      if (!v.equals(thatV))

      { return false; }

      return true;

      getValue search backward based on the property name as in:

      public Value getValue(String property) {
      if (property == null)
      return null;

      // search backwards so that custom values added after construction
      // are found quickly, since this will be the std way of accessing them
      for (int i = _vals.size()1; i >= 0; i-)

      { if (_vals.get(i).matches(property)) return _vals.get(i); }

      return null;

      In the case of a dervied provider, it adds new EntityManagerFactoryValue to the end of the property list, which in theory override
      the one defined by the openjpa provider.

      However the equals method iterate the "current" configuration _vals list from the top but match the "other" configuration _vals
      list found from the bottom, so even both configuration objects are exactly the same, the equals will fail.

      In the case of a single openjpa provider, this problem is NOT surfaced.




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