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ReverseMappingTool omits nullable, length, etc. when ClassMapping.setEmbedded(true) is called


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    • Affects Version/s: 1.2.2
    • Fix Version/s: 1.3.0, 2.0.0-beta3
    • Component/s: tooling
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      In my ReverseCustomizer, I call classMapping.setEmbedded(true). This is because for a variety of reasons I need the code that is generated by the ReverseMappingTool to be @MappedSuperclasses, not @Entities.

      Indeed when I do this, the resulting class is a @MappedSuperclass (great!) BUT all of the length and nullable and other @Column attributes are missing. In other words, all simple fields receive only a @Basic annotation, with no attributes, and nothing else. In addition, the class declaration receives a @Table annotation with no attributes. (I'm using the command line flag that instructs the ReverseMappingTool to generate annotations.)

      Ideally I'd like the generated source code to look identical to the source code that would be generated for a ClassMapping where setEmbedded(true) was never called, except of course that I want the @Entity annotation to be replaced with @MappedSuperclass.

      Obviously if there is a better way from within a ReverseCustomizer for me to accomplish my (very odd) goals (mandated by a strange development process and a 30-year-old database), I am all ears.

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          Comment [ I think there may be something wrong with line 727 and 728. The comment reads:
                      // embedded-only metadata doesn't have mapping, so always loaded

          Immediately beneath that is a block that then proceeds to do some sophisticated loading of metadata in the event a ClassMetaData is NOT set to be embedded only.

          As it turns out, a MappedSuperclass is allowed, right?, to "have mapping". Specifically, a MappedSuperclass may certainly have @Column annotations.

          So I think that whatever magic machinery (and I've gone goggle eyed trying to figure out exactly what that machinery is) below this point that is responsible for loading up the information necessary to determine that a @Column annotation should be output is being short-circuited. ]
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