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Data consistency issues while modifying collections.



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    • 1.2.0, 2.0.0-M3
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      There are data consistency issues when modifying more number of elements in a collection Vs less number of elements.

      Following is a detailed explanation about the issue with example:

      • Entity A has a collection of Entities AItems with cascade ALL.
      • Test case :
        Clear all the data inside tables representing Entity A and AItems.
        Create 3 entity managers em1,em2 and em3.

      create A on em1 with id "1"
      add 10 elements of AItems (id's from 0-9) to the created A(id 1).
      persist A.

      merge A ( created in the previous step)
      Remove 3 elements of AItems from the merged A.
      Add 3 elements of AItems ( id's 10,11,12) to the merged A (id 1).

      With out committing em1

      query database to fetch A and construct object result2 of entity A.
      Add 3 elements of AItems ( id's 13,14,15) to fetched A ( result2)

      em2.commit ()

      query database to check the size of AItems that are related to A ( id 1)

      The result on em3's query for AItems related to A, returns 13 as expected.
      13 ( Initial 10 - em1's 3 + em1's 3 + em2's 3).

      When the same test case is repeated with removing and adding 10 elements instead of 3 as before then I get wrong results.

      Add initial 10 AItems (id's 0-9) for A.

      em1 will remove 10 AItems from the collection of A.
      em1 will add 10 AItems (id's 10-19) to collection of A.

      em2 will add 10 AItems (id's 20-29) to collection of A.

      Commit em2.
      Commit em1.

      Then instead of 20 elements ( Initial 10 - em1's 10 + em1's 10 + em2's 10), I see only 10 elements.

      The 10 elements that I see are from em1's added AItems ( id's 10-19).

      I think the cause of the issue is that, when more number of elements (compared to initial element count of collection) in a collection are modified then collection tracking is disabled and openJPA tries to do the following:
      – Delete every thing from the collection
      – Insert data back to collection.
      While Inserting the data back it does not consider adding the dirty records ( em2's 10 added elements ) because the collection tracking is disabled.


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