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Introduce a quick way for adding Sales Price agreements with customers for any specific product from Catalog



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      Currently new pricing agreements creation takes user to Accounting app where it is quite an long and arduous process. And many a times a catalog or sales manager doesn't have accounting permission in case quick pricing agreement needs to be placed with customer for specific product(s).

      We can provide a quick option from Catalog >> Product >> Agreement screen over "Sales" section that could unfold as follows:

      1. Have a 'Create Price Agreement' link/button on the Sales Panel and hitting this link could ask user to enter following very basic parameters:
        • Party Id From
        • Party Id To (Default it to product store's owner party id)
        • From Date (default it to show as now() timestamp)
        • Through Date
        • Description
        • Price
        • Currency
      2. Upon successful submission of above details system should create Agreement and Agreement Item between customer and organization by passing following default values:
        • Role Type Id From = 'Customer'
        • Role Type Id To = 'Internal Organization'
        • Agreement Type Id = 'Sales'
        • Agreement Item Type Id = 'Pricing'
        • Product Id= '<ProductId on screen>'

      Please refer to attached screenshot for reference placeholder


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