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Updating an OrderItem loses supplierProductId




      When you edit on order item, the details are reloaded into a shopping cart and after editing the order is updated from the cart. At present the supplierProductId for the order item is not read into the cart.


      Try this in the demo site:

      Product GZ-1000 has several suppliers, including BigSupplier
      Order-Order Entry
      In Purchase Order, choose BigSupplier, click Continue
      In "Enter Order, Agreements and Ship Dates", click Continue
      In Create Purchase Order, enter Product ID of GZ-1000 and Quantity of 500
      Click Finalize Order
      Click Continue several times to reach Purchase Order: Order Confirmation
      Click Create Order
      Note Purchase Order number. When I did this, it was 10000
      Applications - Web Tools
      Click Entity Data Maintenance
      In Filter by Entity Name, choose OrderItem, click Apply
      Click OrderItem in the Entity Name column
      Enter Purchase Order number, e.g. 10000
      Scroll down and click Search
      Observe that the OrderItem has a SupplierProductId of BKGZ_1000 as you'd expect
      Applications - Order - Find Order
      Enter Order ID (e.g. 10000) and click Find
      In Actions, click Edit Items
      Change Unit Price from 3.75 to 4.00, check checkbox next to Unit Price, and click Update Selected Items
      Return to Entity Data Maintenance in the Web Tools, and find the OrderItem for the purchase order again
      You'll see that the SupplierProductId has been lost





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