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Toolkit in diagnostic mode should verify independent node

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      • Incomplete chainĀ 
      • All nodes have wildcard certificates. Cannot identify one node from the other
      • Use any certs as long as prerequisites are aligned with NiFi.
      • Build monitoring for expiration of TLS certificates
      • Ambari using NiFi CA, overrides/corrupts if using external certs
      • Populate authorization.xml file if using external certs
      • Have internal method to avoid removal of authorization.xml and users.xml
      • Explicit document with prerequisites for certs
      • --additionalCACertificate <arg> for Client-Server model
      • Validate certs if not using CA toolkit
      • Firewall/DNS issues resolving multiple nodes in cluster
      • Independent node configuration verification
      1. Priority 0
      2. Addresses B, C, D, J
      3. Description: Verifies each node has the correct configuration files and passwords available, and that the key/certificate contents of the keystore and truststore are correct for that node
      4. Steps
      5. Run on each node
      6. Read the nifi.properties file
      7. Verify the keystore and truststore are located at the correct file path
      8. Verify the keystore password, key password, and truststore password are correct
      9. Verify that the keystore contains a single private key entry and a public certificate which identifies this host
      10. CN
      11. SAN
      12. Not wildcard (or at least unique SAN present)
      13. EKU
      14. Certificate validity dates
      15. Key size
      16. Other OIDs
      1. Verify that the truststore contains at least one public certificate
      2. Verify that the truststore contains a public certificate which verifies the private key in the keystore for this node (i.e. this node would trust itself/the signer of itself)


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