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Improve NiFi TLS and certificate management



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      NiFi security configuration requires substantial knowledge and effort to deploy
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      To Do


      To securely deploy Apache NiFi requires substantial background knowledge, applied familiarity with a disparate set of tools and operating systems, and disjoint manual effort. The NiFi TLS Toolkit and Encrypt Config Toolkits aim to help, but the former is designed for development/sandbox environments, not integration with enterprise certificate authorities (CA). In addition, NiFi requires tightly coupled security configuration when deploying in a cluster environment, and dynamic horizontal scaling is difficult.

      This epic will serve as an aggregator for all individual tickets related to an ongoing, holistic effort to streamline, automate, and lower the barrier to entry to configuring a secure NiFi deployment.

      • Generating or acquiring signed certificates and converting them to the proper format (JKS, PEM, P12, etc.)
      • Integrating with external certificate providers
      • Securing the sensitive configuration values
      • Automating deployment of configuration values
      • Encapsulating/delegating security configuration for containerization efforts
      • Automating deployment of TLS cipher suites and protocol versions
      • Automating mitigation of TLS vulnerabilities


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