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Adding several times the same artifact via MavenProjectHelper (attachArtifact) keep adding to the List duplicate artifacts



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    • 3.2.3
    • 3.8.2, 4.0.0-alpha-2, 4.0.0
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      During the check of an issue MSHADE-195 i stumbled over several things...

      If you take a look here and the log output excerpt:

      INFO] Minimized 2341 -> 1293
      [INFO] Minimized 3282 -> 2234
      [INFO] Replacing original artifact with shaded artifact.
      [INFO] Replacing /Users/kama/ws-git/apache/mshade/mshade-195/target/MSHADE-195-example-1-SNAPSHOT.jar with /Users/kama/ws-git/apache/mshade/mshade-195/target/MSHADE-195-example-1-SNAPSHOT-shaded.jar
      [INFO] Replacing original source artifact with shaded source artifact.
      [INFO] Replacing /Users/kama/ws-git/apache/mshade/mshade-195/target/MSHADE-195-example-1-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar with /Users/kama/ws-git/apache/mshade/mshade-195/target/MSHADE-195-example-1-SNAPSHOT-shaded-sources.jar
      [INFO] Dependency-reduced POM written at: /Users/kama/ws-git/apache/mshade/mshade-195/dependency-reduced-pom.xml
      [INFO] --- maven-install-plugin:2.5.2:install (default-install) @ MSHADE-195-example ---
      [INFO] Installing /Users/kama/ws-git/apache/mshade/mshade-195/target/MSHADE-195-example-1-SNAPSHOT.jar to /Users/kama/.m2/repository/com/example/MSHADE-195-example/1-SNAPSHOT/MSHADE-195-example-1-SNAPSHOT.jar
      [INFO] Installing /Users/kama/ws-git/apache/mshade/mshade-195/dependency-reduced-pom.xml to /Users/kama/.m2/repository/com/example/MSHADE-195-example/1-SNAPSHOT/MSHADE-195-example-1-SNAPSHOT.pom
      [INFO] Installing /Users/kama/ws-git/apache/mshade/mshade-195/target/MSHADE-195-example-1-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar to /Users/kama/.m2/repository/com/example/MSHADE-195-example/1-SNAPSHOT/MSHADE-195-example-1-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar
      [INFO] Installing /Users/kama/ws-git/apache/mshade/mshade-195/target/MSHADE-195-example-1-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar to /Users/kama/.m2/repository/com/example/MSHADE-195-example/1-SNAPSHOT/MSHADE-195-example-1-SNAPSHOT-sources.jar

      Install plugin tries to install two identical artifacts which will work for maven-install-plugin but would fail a deploy to repository manager (for releases) etc.

      So after diving into the problem i found the following code in maven-core (MavenProject.java):

           * Add or replace an artifact. This method is now deprecated. Use the @{MavenProjectHelper} to attach artifacts to a
           * project. In spite of the 'throws' declaration on this API, this method has never thrown an exception since Maven
           * 3.0.x. Historically, it logged and ignored a second addition of the same g/a/v/c/t. Now it replaces the file for
           * the artifact, so that plugins (e.g. shade) can change the pathname of the file for a particular set of
           * coordinates.
           * @param artifact the artifact to add or replace.
           * @throws DuplicateArtifactAttachmentException
          public void addAttachedArtifact( Artifact artifact )
              throws DuplicateArtifactAttachmentException
              getAttachedArtifacts().add( artifact );
          public List<Artifact> getAttachedArtifacts()
              if ( attachedArtifacts == null )
                  attachedArtifacts = new ArrayList<>();
              return attachedArtifacts;

      So taking a look into MavenProjectHelper.java and the implementation (DefaultMavenProjectHelper.java).

           * Add an attached artifact or replace the file for an existing artifact.
           * @see MavenProject#addAttachedArtifact(org.apache.maven.artifact.Artifact)
           * @param project project reference.
           * @param artifact artifact to add or replace.
          public void attachArtifact( MavenProject project, Artifact artifact )
              project.addAttachedArtifact( artifact );

      which means that there is not check if an artifacts is already attached.


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