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Change defaults in IndexWriter to maximize "out of the box" performance


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      This is follow-through from LUCENE-845, LUCENE-847 and LUCENE-870;
      I'll commit this once those three are committed.

      Out of the box performance of IndexWriter is maximized when flushing
      by RAM instead of a fixed document count (the default today) because
      documents can vary greatly in size.

      Likewise, merging performance should be faster when merging by net
      segment size since, to minimize the net IO cost of merging segments
      over time, you want to merge segments of equal byte size.

      Finally, ConcurrentMergeScheduler improves indexing speed
      substantially (25% in a simple initial test in LUCENE-870) because it
      runs the merges in the backround and doesn't block
      add/update/deleteDocument calls. Most machines have concurrency
      between CPU and IO and so it makes sense to default to this

      Note that these changes will break users of ParallelReader because the
      parallel indices will no longer have matching docIDs. Such users need
      to switch IndexWriter back to flushing by doc count, and switch the
      MergePolicy back to LogDocMergePolicy. It's likely also necessary to
      switch the MergeScheduler back to SerialMergeScheduler to ensure
      deterministic docID assignment.

      I think the combination of these three default changes, plus other
      performance improvements for indexing (LUCENE-966, LUCENE-843,
      LUCENE-963, LUCENE-969, LUCENE-871, etc.) should make for some sizable
      performance gains Lucene 2.3!


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