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improve how IndexWriter uses RAM to buffer added documents


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      I'm working on a new class (MultiDocumentWriter) that writes more than
      one document directly into a single Lucene segment, more efficiently
      than the current approach.

      This only affects the creation of an initial segment from added
      documents. I haven't changed anything after that, eg how segments are

      The basic ideas are:

      • Write stored fields and term vectors directly to disk (don't
        use up RAM for these).
      • Gather posting lists & term infos in RAM, but periodically do
        in-RAM merges. Once RAM is full, flush buffers to disk (and
        merge them later when it's time to make a real segment).
      • Recycle objects/buffers to reduce time/stress in GC.
      • Other various optimizations.

      Some of these changes are similar to how KinoSearch builds a segment.
      But, I haven't made any changes to Lucene's file format nor added
      requirements for a global fields schema.

      So far the only externally visible change is a new method
      "setRAMBufferSize" in IndexWriter (and setMaxBufferedDocs is
      deprecated) so that it flushes according to RAM usage and not a fixed
      number documents added.


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