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Add QueryParser.newFieldQuery


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      Note: this patch changes no behavior, just makes QP more subclassable.

      Currently we have Query getFieldQuery(String field, String queryText, boolean quoted)
      This contains very hairy methods for producing a query from QP's analyzer.

      I propose we factor this into newFieldQuery(Analyzer analyzer, String field, String queryText, boolean quoted)
      Then getFieldQuery just calls newFieldQuery(this.analyzer, field, queryText, quoted);

      The reasoning is: it can be quite useful to consider the double quote as more than phrases, but a "more exact" search.
      In the case the user quoted the terms, you might want to analyze the text with an alternate analyzer that:
      doesn't produce synonyms, doesnt decompose compounds, doesn't use WordDelimiterFilter
      (you would need to be using preserveOriginal=true at index time for the WDF one), etc etc.

      This is similar to the way google's double quote operator works, its not defined as phrase but "this exact wording or phrase".
      For example compare results to a query of tests versus "tests".

      Currently you can do this without heavy code duplication, but really only if you make a separate field (which is wasteful),
      and make your custom QP lie about its field... in the examples I listed above you can do this with a single field, yet still
      have a more exact phrase search.


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