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Enable flexible scoring


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      This is a first step (nowhere near committable!), implementing the
      design iterated to in the recent "Baby steps towards making Lucene's
      scoring more flexible" java-dev thread.

      The idea is (if you turn it on for your Field; it's off by default) to
      store full stats in the index, into a new _X.sts file, per doc (X
      field) in the index.

      And then have FieldSimilarityProvider impls that compute doc's boost
      bytes (norms) from these stats.

      The patch is able to index the stats, merge them when segments are
      merged, and provides an iterator-only API. It also has starting point
      for per-field Sims that use the stats iterator API to compute boost
      bytes. But it's not at all tied into actual searching! There's still
      tons left to do, eg, how does one configure via Field/FieldType which
      stats one wants indexed.

      All tests pass, and I added one new TestStats unit test.

      The stats I record now are:

      • field's boost
      • field's unique term count (a b c a a b --> 3)
      • field's total term count (a b c a a b --> 6)
      • total term count per-term (sum of total term count for all docs
        that have this term)

      Still need at least the total term count for each field.


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