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First cut at column-stride fields (index values storage)


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      I created an initial basic impl for storing "index values" (ie
      column-stride value storage). This is still a work in progress... but
      the approach looks compelling. I'm posting my current status/patch
      here to get feedback/iterate, etc.

      The code is standalone now, and lives under new package
      oal.index.values (plus some util changes, refactorings) – I have yet
      to integrate into Lucene so eg you can mark that a given Field's value
      should be stored into the index values, sorting will use these values
      instead of field cache, etc.

      It handles 3 types of values:

      • Six variants of byte[] per doc, all combinations of fixed vs
        variable length, and stored either "straight" (good for eg a
        "title" field), "deref" (good when many docs share the same value,
        but you won't do any sorting) or "sorted".
      • Integers (variable bit precision used as necessary, ie this can
        store byte/short/int/long, and all precisions in between)
      • Floats (4 or 8 byte precision)

      String fields are stored as the UTF8 byte[]. This patch adds a
      BytesRef, which does the same thing as flex's TermRef (we should merge

      This patch also adds basic initial impl of PackedInts (LUCENE-1990);
      we can swap that out if/when we get a better impl.

      This storage is dense (like field cache), so it's appropriate when the
      field occurs in all/most docs. It's just like field cache, except the
      reading API is a get() method invocation, per document.

      Next step is to do basic integration with Lucene, and then compare
      sort performance of this vs field cache.

      For the "sort by String value" case, I think RAM usage & GC load of
      this index values API should be much better than field caache, since
      it does not create object per document (instead shares big long[] and
      byte[] across all docs), and because the values are stored in RAM as
      their UTF8 bytes.

      There are abstract Writer/Reader classes. The current reader impls
      are entirely RAM resident (like field cache), but the API is (I think)
      agnostic, ie, one could make an MMAP impl instead.

      I think this is the first baby step towards LUCENE-1231. Ie, it
      cannot yet update values, and the reading API is fully random-access
      by docID (like field cache), not like a posting list, though I
      do think we should add an iterator() api (to return flex's DocsEnum)
      – eg I think this would be a good way to track avg doc/field length
      for BM25/lnu.ltc scoring.


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